• Mr. Rai, South Delhi

    “I had an awful strip surgery when I was younger. Comparing the ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery to strip surgery is like comparing day and night; my experience was so much better and for more comfortable. I didn’t have to deal with any pain.”

  • Mr. Sumit Bakshi, Rajori Garden

    “Deciding to have a hair transplant was the toughest decision I’ve ever made. My physician was very informative and put all my worries at ease. I was advised for Robotic Hair Transplant, and then I look back at the “old” me so long to make the decision. I feel like a new person.”

  • Mr. Manoj, Green Park

    I don’t even know from where to begin, but my experience with Robotic Hair Transplant with Dr.Jagruti Skin & Hair Clinic was nothing, but amazing. From the time I stepped into the clinic. I felt comfortable and at ease in the hands of Dr. Jagruti and her great staff. The procedure was virtually painless and the easy. I was back at work 48 hours after. Dr. Jagruti checked in on me the following days and walked me through all post operative recovery. It was a true VIP experience. Within 7 days of the procedure you couldn’t even tell I had it done. I cannot wait to see the results. I would highly recommended Dr.Jagruti and Robotic Hair Transplant of Dr. Jagruti Skin & Hair Clinic.

  • Mr. Rahul, Pitampura

    I had my Robotic Hair Transplant procedure very recently on 26th of June. I felt at ease in the capable hands of the physician and staff at Dr. Jagruti Skin & Hair Clinic; they were super – attentive and obviously experienced. The whole procedure was rather easy, and as I tell everyone, “it was one day out of my life to fix my hair line. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.” Choose the Robotic Hair Transplant procedure because it is the state of the art technology and minimally invasive, so the pain was low with zero scarring. I was back at work within a day. Amazing. It’s so exciting to think I will actually have a full head of hair for the first time since collage.

  • Mr. Rahul, Patel Nagar

    My experience with Robotic Hair Transplant at Dr. Jagruti Skin & Hair Clinic was excellent. The doctor and staff members were very knowledgeable, caring and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I could not be happier that I chose Robotic Hair Transplant of Dr. Jagruti Skin & Hair Clinic and would highly recommend this practices and procedure to anyone interested in hair restoration.

  • Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, Rohini

    Dr. Jagruti has been fantastic helping me through my Robotic Hair Transplant surgery and I have seen a dramatic difference. All the best to Dr. Jagruti and him staff.

  • Mr. Ayush Bajaj, Rhotak

    Very experienced doctors with very supportive medical attendants and staff. Answered all my quires very patiently. Thank u so much for your support. Great clinic.

  • Mr. Sanjay, Jagruti Enclave

    I am very happy, I feel like @ home. Its unbelievable. I am quite happy with my ( ROBOTI HAIR TRANSPLANT TREATMENT)