Hair Transplantation for men

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant in Haridwar, Dehradun & Sidcul

Dr Jagruti Dwivedi is one of the best-known surgeon for hair transplant in Dehradun, Haridwar, Sidcul & Delhi/NCR territory and quite popular for her experience in the treatment of such cases.

Dr. Jagruti Dwivedi, one of the best known and practising hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, shares in today’s contemporary world, which is full of hustle and bustle and people hardly getting any time to take care of their fast-track lifestyle from their health perspective, usage of various chemical pollutants through hair oil, gels, shampoo, hair colors etc, it is quite expected to have some sort of bad impression on our body.

Hair loss patients have an increased risk of psychosocial and psychiatric conditions, as well as prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, and squamous cell cancer of the scalp. For androgenic alopecia, the only permanent available solution is surgical hair restoration. Techniques have evolved dramatically, with FUE as the most recent advancement in minimally invasive surgical hair restoration.

It has been considered as the most preferred and the most effective way of restoration surgery for hair, the follicular unit transplant was mentioned initially by Bernstein et al. In this method it clarified to the patients that how the rare growth takes place on the scalp in certain groups which are named as follicular units. Each follicular unit actually contains 1 to 4 hair terminals along with the sebaceous unit with supporting structures on the scalp as well. It has been observed that an average person would have an approx amount of one lac to one lac fifty thousand units of hair on their scalps which would normally be found with 2 hairs per mm square of density. Apart from that, the alopecia which is part of the scalp would also be perceptible when it is found that the density of the hair reduces at least by 50 percent.

We also need to take a note that the follicular units would generally be harvested starting from the area of the occipital along with the temporal scalp of the patient. The follicular units would be going forward be placed on to the receiver site one by one in order to make it accurate. In performing the above-mentioned exercise, it is really important to use the follicular units which enable us to create far better hair density along with the additional benefit of quick healing on the patient scalp.

It is evident that it results in lesser the pain for the patient with the existing hairlines. In such cases, even the hair quantity would not stand changed since the distribution which is done in the surgery would provide a fuller and dense look to the patient scalp.

Follicular units thus are also kept and harvested using the conventional strip method or the follicular unit extraction method as well which is also known as FUE.