Hair Transplant for Woman

Female Head Hair Transplant

Dr. Jagruti Dwivedi, one of the best known and practising surgeons for male and female hair transplant in Delhi, shares hair loss is a global phenomenon which is being suffered by people across the globe. People suffering from this at times face social embarrassment and become subject to several types of jokes and taunts as well. Medically speaking, the hair loss could also pose an increased risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well. Thankfully, with the advent of technology in the contemporary world, there are surgical solutions available to treat such conditions successfully.

We need to take a note that in women the hair transplantation technology is of very much use since the ladies who face such issue and cannot afford hair restoration surgery in expensive countries can get it done in India as well which is comparatively affordable to them. One of the most obvious reasons going in for a hair transplant in Delhi is the lower cost involved along with the ready availability of the treatment in countries like India.

Also, the money factor involved within India is also a formidable factor since the pricing herein is very competitive compared to countries in the United Kingdom or the United States. At the same time, technological evolution along with the experience of the surgeons available herein makes it the first option to choose from.

Causes of Female Hair Fall

There are various factors which serve as the component for the loss of hair in females across the globe which include imbalance taking place in females due to factors like conceiving, menopause etc. Also, in the contemporary world, the stress factor contributes as one of the major components for the occurrence of the same. Few health conditions can also lead to such issues and many other reasons like the use of harsh chemicals as in shampoo or colours could also be the cause for hair fall.

Surgical Hari Restoration Options

One Dr. Orentreich had first initiated surgical hair restoration in the early 1950s. With the help of modern technology, the strip surgery now has been developed which uses either single or double-bladed knives in order to take follicular units from the scalps.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Female hair transplantation process, as usual, involves extracting a group of follicles of the hair taken from the patient’s scalp itself where there is sufficient amount of hair growth is available. This entire process needs to be executed very carefully otherwise it may result in the damage of the existing hairline.

Dr. Jagruti Dwivedi is one of the best-known hair transplant surgeon in Delhi/NCR territory and quite popular for her experience in the treatment of such cases.