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We all are aware and know few things about why does hair loss occur.

 we start doing things ,which are homemade or suggested to us by our near and dear ones.

Let me tell you basics of hair,what actually it is made up of? how does is grow? what are is phases/cycle and how does it sheds?

you must know hair is made up of protien called keratin,that grows into the filament from follicles, which is found in the layer of skin,ie Dermis.

hair is divided into two parts: (a) hair follicle or the bulb

                                                    (b) the shaft

Hair mainly consists of three layers: the cuticle,cortex and the medulla

Hair cycle has three phases, Anagen ,Catagen and Telogen

Anagen phase also known as growth phase, last for 2-7 yrs

Catagen phase ,is a transitional phase or resting phase ,where hair remain for some days.

Telogen phase is also called as shedding phase.

Hair loss is generally know as alopecia or in common term baldness.

Receding hair line is mainly seen in male pattern baldness

common types of hair loss:

1) Male pattern hair loss also know as Androgentic Alopecia

2) Female pattern hair loss

3) Hair loss seen in post pregnancy

4) Alopecia Areata

5) Hair loss due to fungal infection

6) Hair loss due to dandruff

7) Hair loss due to hormones

8) hereditary

9) Hair loss due to pathological conditions,for eg cancer

10) Hair due to stress/ nutrition

The progression of male pattern baldness is generally classified on norwood hamilton scale,which ranges from I TO VII stages

The cause for the  Male pattern hair loss can be combination of genetic and male hormone (Androgen).DHT (sex hormone) plays important role in hair loss.Receding hairline is mainly seen in male pattern baldness,to form “M shape”. The hairline will continue to receed untill all or most of the hair is gone or shed. Hair loss in male begins at the temples or the crown of the head.Receeding Hair line can be prevented or stop by few medication ,nutrition or hair transplant procedure.

In Females ,hair loss may be autoimmune ,could be because of physical or prolonged stress.

Hair loss after pregnancy is common,as the level of hormones drop down.

prolonged medication ,pathological condition/disesases may play important role in hair loss.

signs and symptoms of hair loss

SIGNS:Hair left in Hairbrush,after shampooing,styling ,on pillow,on floor,on hands ,after oiling.


itching on the scalp


Skin Lesions


thining of hairs

90% of the population suffers from hair loss.

to overcome it ,healthy lifestyle ,nutritious food and good amount of water intake may help to control the situation.

salads ,fruits,sprouts,antioxidants,vitamins will help to stop or prevent further hair loss.



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